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Welcome to Bridgeburners, a World of Warcraft Alliance guild on the Eu-Emerald Dream server. Bridgeburners was founded in January 2007 as a 25-man high-end raiding guild. We achieved several server first kills during our active raiding years lasting into the Mists of Pandaria expansion. After briefly existing as a social guild with relaxed 10 man progression through the end of MoP, we are now revitalising our raid team going into Mythic progression.

Like any reasonable guild, we always like to hear from exceptional players who are interested in applying, even if your class is not listed above. Click to the left to see our recruitment post.

Note: Having gear and skills for offspecs of whatever class you play is always going to be a plus. We like to recruit people who can play a class, not just a spec.

Please be sure to follow the guidelines in our recruitment forum if you decide to apply.

xx Mythic: Brackenspore | 03 Feb 15
23:21:15 by Aeshmi | Views: 229 | Comments: 2

Not quite our first Mythic kill of the expansion but it was the first one we remembered to kill shot!

xx Mythic: Garrosh Hellscream | 20 Oct 14
08:41:39 by Prue | Views: 483 | Comments: 0

"The armies of the world will come for me, and within my fortress they will face all the terrible creatures I have wrought, the boundless power I have mastered. And one by one they will fall at my feet. Any who would rise against my new Horde will be impaled upon the spires of Orgrimmar!"

xx Heroic: Paragons of the Klaxxi - 13/14 HC | 20 Aug 14
20:37:56 by Celeus | Views: 939 | Comments: 1

Heroic: Paragons of the Klaxxi down

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